Linda Hamilton Plays Sarah Connor in Gear of War 5’s Terminator: Dark Fate Pack | E3 2019


Microsoft had plenty of exciting twists to show off during their E3 conference this year. One of the notable moments from their conference was the reveal they were going to feature a crossover of the Terminator universe in Gears of War 5. Among the essential characters showing up in that crossover is Sarah Connor, who’s going to be played by Linda Hamilton, the original actress who portrayed her back in the 80s.

This information came up during Game Informer’s special edition of the Game Informer Show set at E3 2019 by Rod Fergusson, the head of Coalition studio. Fergusson detailed that the T-800 and Sarah Connor were both going to make their way to the game as playable characters.

Hamilton has yet to record her voice lines as Fergusson said he expected to record with her in two weeks following E3. There was going to be plenty of screaming going on, and because it’s a Gear of Wars game, you can imagine she’s going to have a lot of fun, too.

The pack players are going to want to have to receive Sarah Connor, and the T-800 is called the Terminator: Dark Fate Pack. It’s a perfect reflection of the franchise’s next movie that is set to release later this year on November 1. While the movie is coming out on that date, you’ll have the chance to play as Sarah Connor or the T-800 much sooner, as Gears of War 5 releases on September 10.

If you haven’t already, you can pre-order the game right now for the Xbox One or the PC.

Source: Game Informer