Little Town Hero is Coming to the Nintendo Switch


A new RPG from Game Freak is coming to the Nintendo Switch called Little Town Hero, and it’s coming out on Oct. 16. You can pre-order game right now.

The RPG features an unknown town where you, the main protagonist, must protect the villagers from the numerous monsters. Players are going to engage in turn-based combat where they have to discover the correct attack and defense to the monsters they’re fighting. Not every strategy works with the same one, so mixing up the attacks is going to matter.

The creative talent behind the game Undertale, Toby Fox, is tackling the game’s soundtrack. Fans of the original game are going to enjoy the opportunity to venture into this brand new RPG.

We know little details about the game, other than the release date and you pre-order it right now. Game Freak did file for a trademark for the game earlier this year in August.

Except to hear more from the Game Freak team as they start to share additional details about the game in the future. With a release date of Oct. 16, they’re bound to have plenty to say to get players hyped about this strategy game.