Lone Echo II Announced at Oculus Connect 5

The Oculus Connect 5 conference is just wrapping up, and alongside several cool new hardware announcements, have been some great new title announcements. Ready At Dawn Studios has announced that Lone Echo II is coming in 2019. The sequel to one of the best VR games ever made, Lone Echo, the new title appears to build on much of what the original so great.

Lone Echo II Announcement Trailer

In addition to the “regular” trailer embedded above, Oculus Rift owners can watch an immersive VR version of the trailer on the Oculus Lone Echo webpage.

The trailer alludes to a clear continuation of the Lone Echo story, so now may be a good time to catch up on what’s happened so far. If you haven’t played Lone Echo yet, you owe it to yourself to put it on your wishlist and grab it at the earliest opportunity.

No release details have been announced other than a vague “2019,” so you will have plenty of time to get excited about what’s to come.