Lords of the Fallen 2 Is “A Total Reset”, Scraps Original Dev’s Pre-Production Work


New York-based Defiant Studios is working on “a total reset” of Lords of the Fallen 2, scrapping all the pre-production work done by series creator Deck13.

David Grijns, Defiant Studios managing director, told Eurogamer.net that the developer is working in total freedom, changing whatever it thinks it needs to change in the franchise and adding that not having experience in the action RPG business is not necessarily a downside.


“It’s really a reset, it’s a fresh start. It’s a new engine – Unreal 4 – and a new team. A team which does not have a long and illustrious background in action RPG development, but we actually see it as a strength,” Grijns said.

“It’s an area of the games industry which is now considered untouchable in some degree. It’s like, ‘From Software rules the roost in this particular area of the badlands so abandon all hope ye who enter here.’ And those are exactly the sorts of projects we love.”

“We want to take that fantasy for the player and try to show those fans something a little bit new – a new approach in it. Competition is good. I love the stuff From does but I’m excited about trying to bring something new.”

Lords of the Fallen 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but from what we see it seems it’ll still take a couple years before we can actually start playing it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.