Louis Vuitton’s League of Legends Collection is Here, But the Prices Could Use a Nerf


Louis Vuitton’s fashion collaboration with Riot Games, drawing inspiration from League of Legends to create a line of clothing, has finally been unveiled. The range was always going to be expensive—this is Louis Vuitton after all—but somehow, it’s still a little jarring to see a $670 price tag attached to what is, at the end of the day, a t-shirt of a free-to-play computer game character.

Aimed at the largest of whales, the clothing line also includes a longer t-shirt dress, which somehow costs $2,010, and a zip-up hoodie that runs you $2,420. Perhaps drawing inspiration from Kanye West, and hoping to break into the “ugly shoe” market, Louis Vuitton is also giving you the chance to get some sneakers for $1,140.

The LVXLOL Bandeau will set you back a mere $170—though, admittedly, we’re not too sure what a bandeau is, and when we looked it up, Wikipedia said, “a garment comprising, in appearance, a strip of cloth,” so, yeah, the price does seem about right.

Louis Vuitton Sneaker

All the items in the collection are clearly Louis Vuitton’s, drawing on the classic LV flower and star pattern, and combining it with the brand’s take on colors from the hugely-popular MOBA.

This collection is aimed at such a specific market that it is almost hard to believe that it exists, but both companies seem confident that the potential buyers are out there. It can also serve to introduce new potential consumers to the brands, as well as a certain cache that comes with the resell in the collector’s market.

We’re actually very curious to see if any red-carpet regulars betray their video game leanings by wearing anything from the collection. How many Grammy- or Oscar-winning Junglers are there? How many one-trick Ziggs are there hiding out in the rich and fertile lands of Silicon Valley?

It won’t all be real-world goodies either, as a Prestige Edition of the True Damage Senna skin will be making it’s way to the game in 2020, and will once again be designed by Louis Vuitton.