A lucky Advance Wars fan got to play Re-Boot Camp early until Nintendo found out

Still no new release date.

Image via Nintendo

Although Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp was delayed past its April 8 release date, one very lucky player, Twitter user Rachael Adamson, was able to somehow access the game. After being able to play it and share screenshots and footage, however, she’s said that Nintendo has stepped in.

How she was able to play it still isn’t entirely clear, but Adamson has thoroughly explained the situation on her personal blog. After pre-ordering the game digitally, she was informed that her order would be canceled. Since Nintendo had already taken her money, she expected a refund, only to be told that the pre-order wasn’t canceled and she could access the game once it was released.

Cut to the evening of April 8 and she finds Advance Wars ready and available. She admits she was confused but figured Nintendo had changed its plans and everybody else had access to the game too. So, she played some of it, sharing her enjoyment on Twitter. The following day, she realized she was the only one who could play it.

Nintendo itself soon caught on and emailed her to say her pre-order has definitely been canceled this time and she has been refunded (although at the time of writing, she has yet to receive it). Nintendo obviously can’t delete the game from her Nintendo Switch console, but she suspects that it will become unavailable should she connect her Switch to the Internet.

“I had it on airplane mode for a while when I received the email from them,” she told Fanbyte. “I haven’t gone online since so I have no clue if it’ll stop working if I do. I assume it will.” Nintendo still hasn’t issued a new release date for the game and it remains unavailable to pre-order via the Nintendo eShop.