New Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floors | Nintendo Direct September 2019


New Luigi’s Mansion 3 levels came out during today’s Nintendo Direct.

The Nintendo Direct featured a quick look at Luigi’s Mansion 3 levels. Multiple levels popped up during the first few minutes of the stream. The game takes place in a haunted hotel, each floor containing a different theme. Players can expect a pyramid level, a disco floor level, and a pirate-themed restaurant level.

In addition to the floors, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will have a party mode called the Scream Park. Here up to eight players can play together on one Nintendo Switch. Players are broken into two teams of four to see who can bust the most ghosts. With the Poltergust G-00, players will compete to gain the most points for their team.

Like the previous installments in the Luigi’s Mansion series, players take control of Luigi as he tries to save his friends from King Boo. With help from Professor E. Gad and his latest Poltergust G-00 gadget, Luigi will ascend the floors of the haunted hotel to save his friends.

Luigi’s Mansion is set to release Oct. 31, 2019.