Luigi’s Mansion 3 creeps its way onto Nintendo Switch with multiplayer | E3 2019


After being revealed in a Nintendo Direct last September as a stinger to end the conference, we finally got to see more of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

This is the first time any in-depth gameplay has been shown since the reveal was just a short announcement trailer that confirmed the game was being worked on.

The gameplay showed eight-player co-op where friends can hunt ghosts together. Nintendo also confirmed other features of the game, including the inclusion of Gooigi, a character that players can switch between to avoid different obstacles.

Players can also use the new Poltergust model to move objects by shooting and sucking plungers, jump over oncoming threats and force enemies back using gusts of wind, and slam ghosts into the ground to weaken them. The upgraded version of the Poltergust is sure to allow more hidden treasures and variety to the ghosts in the game.

Overall it looks like Nintendo are taking what made the original Luigi’s Mansion and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon fun, unique experiences and combining them into a definitive experience. Of course, not everything was shown, but now we know that things like multiplayer are now in the game, which is awesome.

Next Level Games is once again at the head of development. They worked on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but have very clearly moved on from the mission structure of the last game to give the free-flowing gameplay of the original the spotlight.

The big thing is we did not see a release date for the game, but it is still set for a 2019 release. Players can likely expect to see more of the game during Nintendo’s usual September Direct.