Lumines Remastered hitting Nintendo Switch this spring


Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s excellent rhythm puzzle game Lumines is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the form of Lumines Remastered, announced today during the Spring 2018 Nindies Showcae.

The game has been given a high-definition makeover courtesy of Mizuguchi and his team at Enhance Games to look and perform better on the system, with specialized beats that sync up with the Joy-Con’s HD rumble feature for an even better immersive musical experience.

Lumines is a series that’s received several ports and additional entries over the years, but this will be its first Nintendo Switch outing. It combines elements of Tetris and other puzzlers with music games for a unique gameplay experience that puts you right into the music. It also features a bangin’ soundtrack, in case you were wondering. It originally debuted on PlayStation Portable, but since then has been seen everywhere from PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation Vita as well as mobile devices.

The game is hitting the system this spring, but it appears it’ll only be getting an eShop digital release instead of a physical one. There isn’t a specific release date outside of the vague release window of when to expect it, but this was a very pleasant surprise to see on Switch, especially since it was built for on-the-go enjoyment in the first place. Make sure you buy it, so we might see a sequel or more Lumines in the future. The world demands more Lumines.