Madden NFL 19 Announced With Hall of Fame Edition


It’s that time of year where Madden fans (including myself) get excited for the yearly rendition of Madden Football and EA has just announced Madden NFL 19.

Every year, EA changes things up a bit with the Madden franchise to keep things alive and to keep players hooked on the world of football. This year is going to bring a lot of changes in both Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team.

A new animation system will unlock next level responsiveness and player personality. Experience more precision as players run, cut, catch, and celebrate this season. Senior Producer, Carlos Guerrero said this about Real Player Motion:

“Real Player Motion technology combined with all new franchise-building tools like Positional Archetypes and the return of Custom Draft Classes are features that football fans will find fun and engaging. Madden NFL 19 steps up the authentic football experience in so many ways.”

Franchise Mode

Changes coming to Franchise Mode include choosing the offensive and defensive schemes that best fit their play style as they compete in single player or multiplayer seasons. Those same schemes are linked to a new intuitive progression system that is based on authentic positional archetypes. Also coming to Franchise Mode is the Custom Draft Class Creator that fans have been asking for. Create your own draft class featuring players from the past and present for use in your franchise.

Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 19 will feature more ways to play and a great variety of paths to glory, as new training tools will let the player develop their favorite players via Player Upgrade. A new single player experience called MUT Solo Battles will be available for those who like to prove their worth in Solo Challenges and showcase their skills to climb the leaderboards and earn rewards.

Hall of Fame Edition

The Hall of Fame Edition is in celebration of Terrell Owens’ induction in to the Hall of Fame. Terrell Owens will grace the cover of the Hall of Fame Edition while an as of yet unnamed player will grace the Standard Edition.

For those that pre-order the Hall of Fame Edition, they can play three days earlier and receive their choice of one of five Elite Hall of Fame Legends in Madden Ultimate Team, one Training Pack, and seven additional Gold Team Fantasy Packs.

Madden NFL 19 releases on August 10 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, for those that pre-order the standard version, August 7 for those who pre-order the Hall of Fame Edition, and if you’re wanting to play sooner, EA Access Members on Xbox One can play August 2.

Madden is one of those games that holds a place a very special place in my gaming library as I have been playing through the franchise since 1992. It’s also fun to beat my oldest brother and continue our sibling rivalry.