MADMONQ Mythbusters: Increased game time equals increased skill

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It is starting to become apparent that the “one more game” mentality isn’t actually helping anyone. We aren’t saying that it is a waste of time playing a game you enjoy if you aren’t trying to be the best. By all means, if you enjoy a game and play it for fun, keep doing you. The first call to arms we tend to hear from ‘elitist’ players is questioning how much game time someone might have on a champion, or in a game. How relevant is time played to your actual skill level? Nothing at all my fellow gamers.

MADMONQ has spent time looking closely at this interaction. The fact is, Olympic swimmers, don’t spend 24 hours a day in a pool. Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest athletes of our generation, used to practice for six hours a day, six times a week. It is more than simply waking up and training every day, professionals make use of nutrition plans and a proper supplement regime to maintain this high performance. It makes sense that supplements should also be the norm when it comes to competitive gaming. Elite athletes train with a purpose, MADMONQ knows this and so they are revolutionizing supplements for gamers, to help them achieve this same focus with a tiny tablet that provides incredible boosts to your brain. Including enhanced attention and focus, improved memory and endurance and, increases in performance during times of stress and fatigue. Plus, the MADMONQ tablet tastes delicious.

The path to professional esports should be approached the same way as the path to professional basketball. Mindlessly playing video games in the hopes of getting better can only help you get so far. Here are three key techniques to becoming a better player:

Develop a smart practice and training routine:

We talking about Practice? Not the game, practice? Yes, practice. There is a time in every gamers life where they boot up a game, instantly lock in a sniper, and when they miss a few shots say they are just getting warmed up. We have done it, and we are certain you have done it too. So why not warm up first? Because you are desperate to get into the game. If becoming the best is your priority, spend time training. Youtube has thousands of educational videos that can help you improve your game. Dedicate time to educating yourself and practice, practice, practice. Even the best FPS players warm up on games like OSU!, some even spend more time warming up then they do playing the game because they know how much of an impact the training will have. The MADMONQ team have put together a play like the pros checklist to get you started on the right track.

Exercise regularly:

What is the secret to next level gaming? Get moving! Gaming and fitness go hand-in-hand, at least that is how MLG Champion Doug ‘Censor’ Martin feels, and rightly so. We don’t need to lecture you on the health benefits behind exercising regularly. There have been numerous studies linking exercise and increased blood flow to better reaction times so we will keep this tip short and simple. Do your best to exercise daily. If you need a few tips, World of Warcraft Champion Bajheera can help you out. Did we mention he is also a professional bodybuilder?

Brain like a beast, play like a beast:

Once you have your training and exercise routine in place, it is now time to ensure your body is fueled correctly to make the most of your new training regime. Every single thing you have consumed in your life has then gone into your body and becomes part of you, right up to the molecules in your brain. “You are what you eat” is quite literal. Think back to what you have consumed over the last 24 hours and if you are anything like us, a terrible image starts to take shape. This is where appropriate meal planning and supplementing comes in to play, and why gaming needs MADMONQ. A great first step is looking at the amount of sugar you take in each day. You might be surprised at what you find. If you really want to take it up a notch speak with a professional dietitian about a diet that suits your experience, body, and blood type.

Supplements are relatively new in the esports world. For years we have had bright colors and sugary sweets thrown at us as ‘energy boosters’. It is this action that the team at MADMONQ are revolutionizing. They have found a way to provide a complex, healthy pick-me-up far beyond what a sugary energy drink can. MADMONQ is a tasty, sugar-free tablet that you suck on or chew. It’s naturally flavored and colored with blueberries and raspberries and helps keep your mind sharp and performance high.

To quote MADMONQ, they have ‘A precisely formulated combination of natural, superfood ingredients that delivers steady energy, along with long-term health benefits that increase over time. The adaptogenic herbs in MADMONQ contribute to improved memory and reaction time, while special fruit extracts have strong antioxidant properties and support eye health.’ Improved memory and reaction time are exactly what we thought we were getting out of one more game, turns out it was in this tasty little tablet the whole time.

BONUS TIP: Prolong your esports career, keep your reaction time in check

No matter what you are hoping to achieve in life, taking care of your mind and body is never a bad thing. Combining the three tips here of training, exercise and nutrition will set an incredible foundation for your success. Being number one isn’t about playing the most, it is about playing the best.