The Magic Archer officially joins Clash Royale


Another Legendary card is officially available for all players in Clash Royale as of 2am ET on March 2.

The Magic Archer can now be unlocked by any players who reach Arena 11, Electro Valley. This four-elixir Legendary card shoots a magic arrow that can deal damage to numerous enemies. The Magic Archer does well against cards that spawn multiple units with low health, while it struggles against spells and splash damage.

The Magic Archer is the newest card to join Clash Royale since the Royal Ghost was added on Jan. 4. And this card is joining the game on a special date—Clash Royale’s second birthday.

Supercell is celebrating Clash Royale’s birthday by hosting an Anniversary Challenge from March 2 to 5. Stage one, the Retro Royale, will only feature cards that were released at soft launch on Jan. 4, 2016. Cards released after Jan. 4, 2016 will be included in stage two, the Modern Royale.

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Players can also get a free Victory Gold Boost and some other unannounced gifts this weekend. But Clash Royale players will definitely be trying to getting their hands on the Magic Archer as soon as possible.