Magic the Gathering fan gets the luckiest pull in history discovering over $250,000 worth of cards in landfill

He should have mulliganed and hoped for a Black Lotus.

Modern Horizons 2 set artwork for Magic: The Gathering

Image Via Wizards Of The Coast

A lucky Magic: The Gathering fan has found over $250,000 worth of cards still in their pallets, which had been dumped in a local landfill. They are now the proud owner of countless Basic Land and junk commons, but it’s more likely that these cards will be put up for sale.

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A Reddit user named LATIN0 posted a photo on the Pics channel, showing six unopened pallets of Magic: The Gathering cards that had been thrown in a landfill, with no clue how they got there. They opened one of the boxes, revealing packs of Modern Horizons II Booster Draft Boxes, released in 2021, all seemingly in perfect condition.

Commenters quickly pointed out that the user had over $250,000 worth of cards, and not because they had pulled one of Magic: The Gathering’s rare cards, like a Black Lotus. Instead, the value comes from the sheer volume of cards, as they have lots of packs that can be resold. This won’t be an easy or quick process, but it’s an excellent find for something found dumped in a landfill.

There is speculation in the Reddit thread as to why these cards were dumped, as some Magic: The Gathering cards can be expensive, so it’s rare to see unopened packs thrown in the trash, as they could easily be put on eBay. It’s possible that the pallets were damaged somehow, resulting in them being dumped, or there was a shipping mix-up at the warehouse. The Modern Horizons II release date could also be a clue, as it launched during a year when lockdowns were still in place around the world, and whoever had initially ordered the cards may not have had a use for them anymore as they had gone out of business. It’s an odd situation, but at least one person will be able to profit from this mystery.