Avengers Endgame Directors Are Making a Magic: The Gathering Netflix Anime Show


Netflix has confirmed they’re bringing the talented Russo brothers, the directors behind Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, forward to helm the recently announced Magic: The Gathering anime show. The Russo brothers are going to be working with Wizards of The Coast and Hasbro to bring the game to life on the streaming platform.

“We have been huge fans and players of Magic: The Gathering for as long as it has been around, so being able to help bring these stories to life through animation is a true passion project for us,” the Russo brothers said in a statement about the announcement.

We have minimal details about what the show is going to focus on and what we expect to see in terms of plot. As of right now, we only know the Netflix is going to highlight the stories behind the Planeswalkers. For those who are unaware, the Planeswalkers are the most powerful beings in the card game.

There’s some massive talent behind the show as well with Henry Gilroy tackling the writing. Gilroy initially did work for the animated Star Wars television shows The Clone Wars and Rebels. Given the positive reception behind both Star Wars shows, we can expect to find ourselves emotionally invested in what’s going to happen in the show and we’re anticipating plenty of character development.

Beyond those limited details, we do not have any more relevant information. We have no release date or any idea of when this show could wind up on Netflix. We’ll learn more details as production for the show begins. If you’re eager for more video game television news, you’ll be happy to know that Netflix’s television adaptation of The Witcher series has wrapped up production for the show’s first season. You can expect to see it later this year in the fall.