Major October Update For Sea of Thieves Available Now, Includes Killer Instinct Ship


Sea of Thieves has just released a spooky-themed update, just in time for Halloween.

The Sea of Thieves YouTube channel has released a six-minute long video, which showed all the new content available in the game. The most significant new thing included in this update is a brand new fort called Fort of the Damned.

Old Boot Fort from the Ancient Islands has been turned into Fort of the Damned, which is a creepy island filled with smog. There’s a special skeleton fort battle that takes place on this new island. However, players need to do a specific ritual to summon the skeletons.

Players will need to get the six colored lights of the Flame of Fate, and a Relic Skull. Different Flame of Fate can be found on the Ferry of the Damned, which is a ship where players are transported to after they die. Each color is determined by how the player died, and the player needs to die in a particular way to get each one of the individual colors. You’ll need each of the colors to fight against the Shadow of the Fates Skeletons in the skeleton battle for Fort of the Damned.

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Players need to accept specific missions from Duke at his black market to get a Relic Skull, which can be found at most outposts. Once at the Fort of the Damned with all the required ingredients, players can light up all the lanterns and place the Relic Skull on a headless skeleton. This will activate the skeleton battle, and players can even face off against an old foe who returned from the dead.

The update includes a bunch of new cosmetics for players. There are now several new outfits for players to buy, with female avatars having more skirts and tops options. You can now even change the colors of some of your outfits, and you can even dye your hair in two different tone colors. The two tone hair colors are only available in the Legendary Hideout.

There’s also brighter colors for gamers to dye their hair into. Most of the new outfits can be found in Duke’s black market shop. Some of the outfits are limited time offer.

Other new things coming in this update are new taunts, and new skeleton skins for pets. Skeleton Captains can now be encountered on islands, and two players can enter the PvP Arena mode, which was originally only made available for four players. A new banjo instrument is also now available for gamers to play.

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There’s also a new premium ship based on Killer Instinct, which players can purchase in the game.

If players want to know more about this new update, check out the video below. Sea of Thieves’ October update is available right now.