Many PlayStation EU Employees Are Up For Redundancy


The staff from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (or just the SIEE) is reportedly being set up for redundancy. The redundancies may have happened due to the strong influence of Sony Interactive Entertainment America.

VGC were the ones that reported that the SIEE would be getting redundancies; the company will be restructuring several of its divisions. The marketing and PR divisions are stated to be some of the divisions to get restructured in the company.

Numerous employees from the company were affected; many were handed notices, while others got informed that they needed re-interview for their jobs.

All this happened not long after Sony announced the PlayStation 5. Not long after the initial announcement, Wired posted an exclusive look at the PlayStation 5. European employees from the SIEE weren’t aware of this unique look until it was published yesterday on the Wired website.

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The VGC article further elaborates the Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) has been gaining more influence on the SIEE. For the last twelve months, SIEA has been giving orders to the SIEE, with the SIEE have little input. That explains the reason why the SIEE wasn’t aware of the Wired article about the PlayStation 5.

Throughout those twelve months, the European staff has been hit by multiple layoffs, with Tuesday’s redundancies being a columniation from all the layoffs.

Reports figure in that the American PlayStation executives arrived on Tuesday to the SIEA offices, and were the ones that announced the redundancies. However, the European employees haven’t been the only Sony staff to be affected by layoffs. Apparently, Sony’s US-based creative services team also got hit by redundancies.

The PlayStation 5 announcement has mostly overshadowed the news of the redundancies. With that said, VGC states that there is currently “no suggestion [that] the timing was intentional.”