A Super Mario Bros. event is coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Super Mario Bros. items are customary in Animal Crossing games, but so far, there’s only a Mario hat in Pocket Camp. But that’ll change soon, according to a tweet from the Animal Crossing UK Twitter account.

“Some very exciting things are coming our way, campers,” the Animal Crossing UK account tweeted. “Let’s take a peek… hmm, I’m sure I’ve seen that mushroom somewhere before. Could it be…?!”

The tweet teases a full suite of Super Mario. Bros. items headed to Pocket Camp. In the image, there’s a red-capped mushroom, a Super Star, a green Koopa shell, and a Piranha Plant. And that’s only a glimpse of the image—chances are, some themed clothing items will become available in Pocket Camp too.

Animal Crossing UK didn’t mention a date for the event, but there’s speculation that it’ll hit on March 10—Mario Day (MAR10).

Nintendo added a Mario hat to Pocket Camp in December for the one-year anniversary of Super Mario Run. The hat was only available for a limited time, however.