These are all the new items in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Mario crossover event


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Mario-themed event began over the weekend on March 10—MAR10 day.

The event has players collecting mushrooms in order to unlock the Mario-themed furniture and clothing. Super Mario Crossover’s first round is open now, with the second starting on March 21. A third round kicks off on March 31—but all three rounds remain open until the event’s conclusion on April 10.

Each new round will introduce a new type of mushroom to be earned, as well as new timed goals and new furniture and clothing to unlock, Nintendo said in the Pocket Camp notice. Here are all the items available so far, in round one.

  • Mario rug—120 Leaf Tickets
  • Big bro’s hat—20 red mushrooms, 100 bells
  • Big bro’s tee—20 red mushrooms, 100 bells
  • Big bro’s mustache—50 red mushrooms, 100 bells
  • Coin—80 red mushrooms, 100 bells
  • Block—80 red mushrooms, 300 bells
  • Green shell—120 red mushrooms, 500 bells
  • Super mushroom—120 red mushrooms, 500 bells

Mushrooms can be earned from completing animal requests, but there are also a ton of event challenges in the Timed Goals tab that award mushrooms. Completing Time Goals is likely the fastest way to earn a ton of mushrooms.