Mario is being added to Google Maps as part of Mar10 Day


In celebration of Mar10 Day on March 10, Google has worked with Nintendo to put Mario into google maps, to act as the app’s main navigation tool.

By updating the app on the App Store or through Google Play, players can click a yellow “? Block” icon on the bottom right of the app to turn the regular blue navigation icon into Mario. Nintendo’s main mascot is shown in the app driving his famous red kart from the Mario Kart series.

Mario is the only character available to choose from, however, so fans hoping to be able to choose Luigi, Peach, and more Mario Kart-themed characters might be disappointed.

The update coincides with the future launch of Mario Kart Tour, the first Mario Kart mobile title coming to the App Store and Google Play. It will launch sometime before March 2019. Not much is known about this game at this time but Nintendo has confirmed that it will be free to start, but not free to play.