Super Mario Maker 2 Is Coming To Switch: Release Date and Details


In news that really shouldn’t surprise anybody, Super Mario Maker is getting a follow up game. Super Mario Maker 2 will continue the side-scrolling platformer fun that the Mario series helped to define, while once again allowing players the chance to build their own levels.

In Super Mario Maker 2, we can expect the same fantastic and creative features as the first game, with new additions as well. The original, released in 2015, launched to huge critical acclaim, with many praising the editing tools that players used to create their own levels. Mining the creativity of the playerbase payed off for Nintendo, as player-made levels were played over 600 million times. The game sold millions of copies on both the Wii U and the 3DS.

It’s clear that bringing the series to the Switch is a good move for Nintendo, the console’s touchscreen should make level building an absolute joy for people. Being able to quickly place, resize, or re-orient the parts that make up a level will make it very easy for people to sketch out ideas, then refine them into a finished level. One of the most fun aspects of Super Mario Maker was watching people build punishingly hard levels, then seeing if other members of the community could beat them.

Nintendo announced a release date of June 2019.