Mario Tennis Aces online demo coming June 1


Nintendo is launching an online tournament demo of Mario Tennis Aces on June 1 to give fans a chance to try the game before its official release on June 22. The demo will only be available to play until June 4.

Players will be able to choose from four playable characters—Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser—and take part in online multiplayer matches in a tournament format. As they advance through the tournament, they will earn points based on their performance.

If a player continues to do well, they will have the chance to unlock five additional unannounced characters to try out before the demo ends.

On top of the online tournaments, players can also get in some practice by playing one-off single-player tennis battles against a computer-controlled opponent. You will still need to have an active connection to the internet in order to play, however.

By playing the demo, fans will unlock an exclusive free costume for Mario in his traditional dungarees to use in the retail version of the game when it launches later this month. The costume will only be available to demo players, so be sure to give it a try to get yourself the exclusive cosmetic.

On top of the demo reveal, Nintendo has also revealed more information about the game’s new story mode in a brand new trailer on the Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel.

Mario Tennis Aces launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on June 22.