Marvel Games Thinks PS5 Is The “Future”


Marvel Games has been a significant partner of PlayStation this generation, shipping Marvel’s Spider-Man, one of the best selling titles over the last few years, and the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man exclusively for PlayStation 4.

But it looks like the best has yet to come if you consider that Insomniac Games has now been acquired by Sony and will keep working on that IP and that Marvel Games itself looks very excited about the reveal of PlayStation 5.

Director of the production Eric Monacelli, who’s the lead of Marvel in video games, has shared his excitement in a tweet where he shared the announcement of the name of PlayStation 5 and DualShock 5 a few days ago.

Monacelli was rather quick in defining the console “future,” which means that he has very high expectations out of the PS5 and that he looks forward to a, err, future of Marvel working again with Sony over exclusive titles.

That’s great to hear, even though Xbox fans will be a bit disappointed to hear that. The partnership between Marvel and PlayStation will also allow PS4 users to have DLC first on Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, even if that game at least will be multi-platform.