Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters and New Costumes Releasing on August 30 for Free


Disney’s large expo, D23, happened over the weekend. Disney fans all over the world got to hear new, exciting announcements for another Disney-filled year. Among the announcements was the reveal for a free update coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 that brings a pair of new characters to the game, along with new costumes for existing characters. Yes, all of it is free for everyone. The update arrives on Friday, Aug. 30.

The two new free characters heading to the game are Cyclops and Colossus. These two X-men characters are iconic in their own regard, with Cyclops having been one of the original members from way back in the day.

Cyclops comes with his iconic visor that he can shoot beams out of it thanks to his mutant power. Unfortunately, his power is also a hindrance as he requires always to wear the visor, or specialized glasses, to see. Otherwise, the beams of light regularly shoot out of his eyes uncontrollably, if he has his eyes open.

Colussus is far more brutish. The strong man has a robust metallic exterior covering his entire body that grants him super strength and super invulnerability. Many are going to notice him from the popular Deadpool movies that have released over the past years.

The free update also comes with three new costumes for existing characters. The first one is Spider-man’s sinister Symbiote Suit. It’s a black outfit with a white spider symbol on his front and back. It was what Spider-man wore before he tore it off, and it later became Venom. The other is Hulk’s Planet Hulk outfit, the gladiator-like suit he wore when he got sent off-world by the Avengers and got stranded on an alien planet. The final one is Ms. Marvel’s classic outfit she wears from the comics.

All of this releases in the free update that arrives this Friday. Make sure to have your Nintendo Switch update to receive all of these for free.