Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Exclusive Details on Game Mechanics, Development, and Story

There was a considerable amount of information revealed about the next Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order game from GameInformer’s digital edition that went out earlier today.

We’ve learned that Marvel Games is handling the writing, character roster, and running through the overall story to ensure it remains authentic, as to not disappoint fans. The ones behind the game’s overall development are Team Ninja, who have done other games such as Nioh, Dead or Alive 6, and they were behind Hyrule Warriors from 2014.

The game’s story is a little vague, as Marvel Games wants to keep most of it under wraps. However, we did learn that it’s going to start with the Guardians of the Galaxy on Milano, who receive a signal from a derelict Kree warship. When they arrive, they discover the Infinity Stones, along with Nebula, Ronan the Accuser, and Proxima Midnight. Everyone battles it out for control of the stones until they go across the universe.

Marvel Games is going to weave the overall story between the movies and comics, blending the two, but keeping it as authentic as possible to the lore of the Marvel Universe.

Beyond the story, in terms of the game’s mechanics feature every character on the roster having a general series of attacks and a specialty. Players have the option to level up their favorite choices, and will always have four different characters on the screen at all times. Characters are going to have unique roles, such as healer, tank, and damage dealers.

ISO-8 is also going to be in the game, and players use it to change how a particular character fights during combat. For example, a player can activate their ISO-8 to ensure one of their heroes doesn’t take as much damage for a certain amount of time, they receive additional healing orbs or increase the chances of a status-effecting attack to go off during combat.

There’s more to come as additional information about the game comes out before it releases. You can play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on July 19, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.