Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Releases Today; Four Free Costumes Available


The first paid downloadable content pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is now available, and a free update gives players bonus content.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is the most recent entry in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series; it released during the past summer. It is an action-adventure game, with RPG elements. You take control of a team of four Marvel superheroes, and you hack-and-slash your way through your enemies. The game was well-received by critics; we called the game a frantic fun time.

Since the game was released, several free updates got added to the game. Characters like Colossus and Cyclops were added to the playable roster as free DLC along with New costumes for Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain America. However, players had to unlock these costumes by grinding through some difficult Infinity Rift challenges.

A DLC season pass got announced for the game early on. The season pass contains three different packs with each pack containing four new playable characters. All of them have a theme with the first pack getting based on Marvel Knights. The four characters in the first pack were announced to be Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius the Living Vampire. The subtitle for this first expansion is Curse of the Vampire.

The first pack was slated to release on Sept. 30 but released several hours earlier on the afternoon of Sept. 29. It includes a Gauntlet Mode, which is a series of challenges you need to accomplish in quick succession. Up to four players can play together for the Gauntlet, and after beating it, a new survival-like challenge will unlock. The survival-like challenge has similar missions as the Gauntlet. The goal now is to last as long as you can in a continuous loop of challenges.

Along with DLC pack, a free update also went live on Sept. 29. The free update includes a new Nightmare mode and new costumes for playable characters. New outfits for Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Thor were announced a while back, though now we know what costumes they will be.

Captain America costume comes from his super-soldier uniform, which he wore during his time not being Captain America in the comics. (It also served as the basis for one of his costumes in the Winter Soldier movie). Black Panther gets thrice-blessed armor, which is just a more armored up Black Panther. Iron Man gets his Extremis Armor, which is the armor he uses in the Extremis storyline in the comics. It also served as an inspiration to the Iron Man’s first suit in the first Iron Man movie. Thor gets his Ultimate costume. A costume Thor wears in the Ultimate Universe, which is an alternate universe of the main Marvel Universe.

At the moment, we do not know if players will need to do Infinity Rift Challenges to unlock the costumes. If not, then the costumes most likely are already part of the characters as long as the player downloaded the free update from Sept. 29.