Marvel’s Avengers To “Best Spider-Man,” Says Square Enix


Marvel’s Spider-Man was the game that closely resembles the ideal superhero game and shows Marvel’s widespread popularity beyond movies. It had quality and quantity in terms of content and sold a lot of copies as a reflection of that even though it was a PS4 exclusive. Apart from Marvel’s Spider-Man, the superhero genre has barely touched video games as successfully as they have movies.

Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix’s president, talked about the game and said he appreciated the title from Insomniac Games. He also said he doesn’t want it to best Marvel’s Avengers, the incoming action adventure co-op game from the teams at Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.

Spider-Man was a huge title and a major success, so we would like to work hard to have that kind of success,” Matsuda told “So I guess it did increase my expectations [for Avengers]. I do believe you have to have high goals. I thought that Spider-Man was fantastic, but we don’t want to be bested by them. We are working very hard on the development effort right now so that we are able to provide a new experience.”

Matsuda also discussed the unique work of cooperation that was necessary to create the game, which has been designed by the creators of Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. The team of who worked on Deus Ex Mankind Divided also had a hand in assisting with the game’s production.

“When you talk about blockbuster or AAA titles these days – in general – you’ll find your resources are too limited if you try to develop them only at a single studio,” he revealed. “For that reason, a variety of studios are collaborating with one another.”

Marvel’s Avengers is releasing on May 20, 2020, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.