Marvel’s Avengers A-Day Could Change Character Designs After Fan Backlash


Marvel’s Avengers has just shown up at E3 2019 during the Square Enix media briefing, and it wasn’t exactly as fans were hoping it to be. The game is good looking overall, but many have claimed that the Marvel characters are just poorly depicted in it, and that’s something we can quite agree with.

Much of the backlash is probably due to the fact that Square Enix has not licensed the look of the actors impersonating the original characters in the movies, so it felt weird to see Tony Stark/Iron Man played by Nolan North; on top of that, the character didn’t even resemble North if you look closely.

However, in a recent interview with GameSpot, the development team at Crystal Dynamics has revealed that they have been listening to all the feedback coming after the game reveal, hinting at the chance that they might do some changes to the design of the characters anytime soon.

Things are running pretty wild with all the feedback stuff over the Internet if you ask me. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has opened the way to a massive change in the design of characters and, even if I’m glad they did something because that Sonic was a disaster, that’s something we should be very careful of when it comes to respecting authors and their creative freedom.

The game is releasing on May 15, 2020, so there’s not much time before they can do those changes and ship it next year. However, this is something they’re committed to, so you should expect some serious improvements the next time Marvel’s Avengers pop up in a trailer.