Marvel’s Avengers: Deluxe Edition appears on Xbox Store, includes five days of early access

Will you double down on the Heroes Edition?

Marvel's Avenger

Imagine via Crystal Dynamics

Even though Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers was recently hit with a delay, some players will still get the chance to play it sooner rather than later. At least, based on the Deluxe Edition that was recently revealed.

A Twitter user by the name of Idle Sloth recently spotted the listing over on the Xbox Store. Though it doesn’t explain precisely what’s included with the Deluxe Edition, it does have one clear indication—early access.

According to the tweet, those who purchase this version will be able to start playing Marvel’s Avengers on Aug. 31. That’s five days before its new release date, Sept. 4.

This isn’t limited to digital, either. A recent listing appeared over at Best Buy, suggesting the more official name, Marvel’s Avengers Heroes Edition. It also has a price tag of $79.99, $20 over the standard release. However, its release date shows Sept. 4, instead of the Aug. 31 date.

Square Enix hasn’t detailed what’s included in this package. Considering that a majority of its add-on downloadable content will be free, it could be extra costumes for each of the characters or a possible boost to unlock some of their signature moves.

However, early access will probably be the most exciting aspect of the package. Several game releases did this in the past, with players jumping on it to claim that they played it first.

More details should be available closer to the game’s release. But, for those that want to feel extra heroic about playing Marvel’s Avengers, the Heroes Edition might be for you.

The game’s latest trailer, featuring Kamala Khan, is below.