Marvel’s Avengers Overview Video Breaks Down More Details


Ever since its debut at E3 earlier this year, fans of Marvel games have wanted to know more about Square Enix’s adaptation of Marvel’s Avengers. So, following up on a lengthy gameplay trailer that debuted during Gamescom, we’ve finally got more to go on.

A new Game Overview trailer debuted on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel this morning, providing a bit more detail on the story, as well as what players can expect from this action-packed affair next summer.

It begins with a recap of the story. Following a battle in San Francisco, the Avengers end up disbanding after an explosion leaves the city in ruins, and Captain America (supposedly) killed in action. As a result, a new organization, AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), takes over, promising to keep the country safe with robotics. However, not everything is as it seems.

Kamala Khan discovers a potential conspiracy with the company and vows to bring the Avengers back together. Using her incredible physical powers, Kamala makes her way to a makeshift headquarters (from a destroyed helicarrier), where what’s left of the group vows to fight against AIM forces through several missions (Hero and Warzone), slowly but surely taking back control.

The game features a robust single player campaign with several unlockable and premium outfits. There’s also a mode to “play along with friends” in co-op, though that mode wasn’t revealed just yet. More than likely, we’ll see it early next year.

Marvel’s Avengers also features an upgrade system, where you can advance certain powers on your heroes (like Iron Man’s equipment). The more power you give your heroes, the better because AIM’s forces aren’t about to go down quietly. This includes perks, as well.

Things wrap up with some hints of new gameplay, showcasing the powers of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and more. Check out the whole thing below and get ready for Marvel’s Avengers when it arrives on May 15, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!