Marvel’s Avengers Debuts Profile Video For Iron Man

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Coming off a successful reveal of 18 minutes of gameplay footage from Gamescom, Square Enix continued to build hype for Marvel’s Avengers today with a new profile video. In it, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, takes center stage, with the clip showcasing his stats – and a few of his powerful moves.

The video, which initially posted on the Avengers Twitter account, is below. It’s just under a minute but is chock full of information about Stark, including his height (6’1”), his weight (185 pounds, sans suit), and his title (“Adviser” – but he’s a hands-on guy).

The video then goes into a sneak preview of the suits that will be available in the game. These choices include Tony’s classic red and gold armor, and his unique silver and black suit and a specially designed gold-and-black suit with sharp trim. These will no doubt be available in the game, unlockable as players progress through both the single-player (Hero) and multiplayer (Warzone) missions.

Then we see a few seconds of gameplay footage, with Stark efficiently cleaning house on A.I.M. enemy forces with a few well-timed blows. This attack includes landing a vicious looking uppercut, as well as a “finishing move” where he blows up one of their power cores. As he does that, his body glows green, indicating he gets some power charge after he eliminates each foe.

This new trailer follows previously released profile videos for Avengers characters. Hulk’s video showed up last week, and you can watch it below. Captain America’s profile, which came out in late August, is also included. Hopefully, this means Thor and Black Widow will follow over the next couple of weeks.

Marvel’s Avengers arrives on May 15, 2020, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.