Marvel’s Avengers Missions Structure Detailed


Crystal Dynamics shared more about the gameplay structure of Marvel’s Avengers, which is coming with a unique hybrid formula that should make fans happy from both the single-player and co-op aspects of the game.

As we already know from E3 2019 roundup interviews, the game is releasing with a full single-player mode. Story missions are available for players to play on their own. Additionally, there are going to be side-missions and activities containing cooperative play where players can recruit their friends to join in or enter a matchmaking lobby to grab others.

“So as much as you’re allowed to play the whole campaign as a single player experience, a lot of the missions that aren’t specifically focused around a particular hero, not only can you choose which hero you play, but you can team up with other players as well,” said Noah Hughes, a member of Crystal Dynamics’ development team. “There may be areas where you have to go back to a single player mission in order to progress the campaign and open up new areas. But then within those new areas, you have missions where you can team up with friends and progress your campaign as well.”

It feels odd the development team have come out and described the game as a Destiny-like title. Crystal Dynamics’ intention behind this choice may be to ensure fans do not set their expectations too high regarding Marvel’s Avenger’s single-player content.

We’ll be able to learn more about the game in the coming months. Marvel’s Avengers is releasing on May 20, 2020, with plenty of time for the development team to share details about the game’s single-player and cooperative gameplay.