Beta sign-ups now available for 400-player battle royale game Mavericks


You can now sign up for a chance to join the beta for Automaton Games’ ambitious battle royale title Mavericks: Proving Grounds on the game’s website.

Very little has been shown of Mavericks up to this point other than a short teaser trailer. The game boasts up to 400 players in a realistic battle royale setting, and it will be running on Improbable’s SpatialOS technology.

The battle royale mode will kick off some time in 2018 and the game will eventually expand into an open world MMO in 2019. The battle royale was described by PCGamer as “a sprawling 12km squared ‘living and breathing; world, filled with reactive wildlife, muddy tracks, spreading wildfire and dynamic water, among other environmental details.”

There will also be a social hub called The Capital where players can trade items, register clans, look at achievements, and track rankings. For now, though, players can look forward to information of the beta for the battle royale mode.

More information about the Mavericks road map to launch will be revealed at this year’s Game Developer Conference at the end of March, with more news about the beta expected to come as well.