Mavericks Proving Grounds Dev: “Here’s What Missing In The Existing Battle Royale Games”


Mavericks: Proving Grounds is a brand new title from Automatron which promises to support up to 400 players in the same battle royale and up to 1000 players in an open world sandbox MMO mode.

During a recent interview with WCCFTech, Automatron CEO James Thompson detailed his vision about the battle royale genre, which has been so far dominated by 100 last man standing modes in the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. A golden standard that Mavericks: Proving Grounds is possibly going to smash.

Mavericks Proving Grounds - 400 Player Battle Royale

Even more interestingly, Thompson provided his vision about what the existing battle royale games are doing wrong and what they’re missing to fully deliver the potential they have in them.

From the looks of it, the developer is going all in on a strategic and persistent component in order to deliver a better RPG component instead of an experience which is more focused on cosmetic customization.

“We think what people are playing today is basically a game where someone took an old kind of shooter and made it accommodate one hundred players. Clearly, that kind of game type is very popular. I think people are really compelled by experiences that include a lot of players but aren’t in the traditional team deathmatch style or a grindy long-scale RPG style. We are approaching Battle Royale in a very different way with Mavericks because we set out to make a compelling world and a compelling game type that’s all about what we’ve seen from player to player interactions,” he said.

“If you compare it to what’s on the market at the moment, they can be very fun and they are obviously very popular, but it’s quite inconsistent. There’s less real strategy and a bit more randomness. There’s something there, but we think we are taking quite a significant step because we have built the world and the whole way we make the engine and the server structure, to scale with players. We are going to continue to iterate on strategy and elements in the world that consistently make fun gameplay. Our setup allows us to continue to improve our gameplay over a five-ten year term without getting suddenly constrained. In current Battle Royale games the technology and the ideas weren’t ever really about that, it was just sort of a simple extension to things that have existed before. For example, we don’t have to compromise on the quality of our gunplay because of the number of players. We don’t use one server for the physics so we can match the AAA small-scale team deathmatch shooters with our level of networking and physics simulation and also have the scale.”

While it does seem a pretty generic answer, we’re curious to learn more about the game on the road that’ll bring it to release in 2019 for PC and as soon as possible on consoles.

Source: WCCFTech