Mechs Are Coming to Season 10 of Fortnite on Aug. 1

Epic is gearing up their Fortnite fan base with the announcement of what’s going next to the battle royale game. In their latest tweet, they show off the clear outline of a mech, showing that things are going to get a little more science fiction in the next update.

Here’s the official tweet from Epic’s official Fortnite Twitter page with the image, and the date of the update, which is later this week on Thursday.

There’s the clear ‘X’ symbol behind the mech, for the number of the season, and the clear outline of a large vehicle standing overtop of what appears to be rubble. How the mechs are going to work in the game remain a mystery. They could substitute the other vehicles in the game, or players could start wearing outfits where they’re slightly bulkier in armor, stomping around the landscape in a bigger gear.

Epic did not sit on this information for long. It follows the tournament that took place over the weekend where 16-year-old Bugha won three million dollars.

It makes sense for Epic to do so, too. From the tournament over the weekend, the Fortnite community is already eager for more content, and this piece of information gives them plenty to look forward to in less than a week.

Players are likely going to see a handful of mech-based items showing up over the next few days. How this is going to affect the character’s customization options, remain a mystery, and the battle pass is going to revamped to include a plethora of new items.

Stayed tuned later this week to learn about all of the new stuff coming to Fortnite’s season 10 update, launching on Aug. 1.