MediEvil PS4 Release Date Leaked, Coming Earlier Than Expected?

MediEvil for PS4 has been in the making for quite a while, and we’ve been able to check a first gameplay trailer last Halloween.

While the trailer itself was perhaps a bit disappointing, people are still waiting for more news to drop because they want their fair share of PlayStation nostalgia on PS4.

From the looks of it, that share could be coming sooner than anticipated.

Retailer Forbidden Planet has indeed introduced several officially licensed MediEvil products based on the incoming remake.

Those products already have a firm release date, which is June 2, 2019. It’s a big hint to a possible release date for the game.

It’s a Sunday, so we don’t expect it to be the release date for the game, too, but there’s a chance this is a hint for the launch of the title.

MediEvil PS4 could be coming a bit earlier than anticipated: it’s slated for 2019 officially, but a May 31, summer or September release window seems likely at this stage.

We’ll update you on this topic as soon as more news drop.