Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Points Out Two MGS Games Are Underrated, Suggests Remakes

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of the Metal Gear Solid movie that is coming at some point in the next few years, has discussed some hours ago about two MGS games that are, in his vision, way too underrated.

He referred to Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Peace Walker, which are underrated basically because of their original platform – PSP. And while Peace Walker has been remastered and is even playable on Xbox One, Portable Ops is still a PlayStation Portable exclusive.

Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Suggests Remakes of Two MGS Games

“Just putting it out there that PORTABLE OPS and PEACE WALKER are two of the most brave and affecting entries in the MGS series and I don’t think they get the attention they deserve because they were on the PSP,” he said, further adding in a second tweet that “I’m more talking about the tightness of the story, not fully the mechanics of gameplay.”

On top of that, anyway, he said that as a fan he sees more useful a remake of the original Metal Gear games and the original Metal Gear Solid title (the ones for MSX and PSone, respectively) rather than some sort of reprisal of the two episodes he mentioned.

“To be fair I think METAL GEAR & METAL GEAR: SOLID SNAKE (MSX versions) would be in line for a remake first. Those are such giant elements of the story that aren’t visualized like the others.”

I fully agree with Vogt-Roberts, being a huge fan of Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid myself. Portable Ops was quite a good game, even though it must be considered that Hideo Kojima doesn’t see it as part of the canon (that’s why he’s not included in the MGS HD Collection). In the game, you might recall, you meet for the first time Colonel Campbell.

Peace Walker constituted instead the main structure upon Kojima built Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, being it the first game in the series to be more “open” in terms of gameplay and bringing in things such as the concept of mother base and troops training.