Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Movie Still Being Produced By Sony Pictures, “Very Early” In The Making


The Metal Gear Solid movie has been around for quite a huge amount of time and, even though it has already been attached a director, it doesn’t look to be coming anytime soon to the theaters worldwide.

Anyway, according to a new report coming from Brazil, there’s some good news about it, as the works are apparently going on quietly and reaching new milestones with the time passing by.

Metal Gear Solid Movie Produced By Sony - Rumor

In particular, it looks like the Metal Gear Solid movie is still being produced by Sony Pictures, meaning that it remains a high budget effort with all the things you would expect from a top film releasing to the cinemas nowadays.

It is worth remembering that Metal Gear Solid movie’s director is Jordan Vogt-Roberts, not only a huge fan of the franchise but also the man behind Kong: Skull Island and a great friend of Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima, who he has recently visited.

Unfortunately, the project is said to still be in its “very early” development stages, so you shouldn’t really hold your breath before you can see it with your own eyes. In the meantime, anyway, we can only dream about who’s going to play Solid Snake and Big Boss, whichever is the timeline chosen for the movie.