Konami Released Metal Gear Survive Co-op Trailer


Konami has just published a new Metal Gear Survive trailer that offers a glimpse of various gameplay elements among which co-op is the most highlighted one. In the video below you can see various things, a player can do to target enemies, from constructing blockages to traps, to using unique and powerful weapons. Also, there will be a team of players who can customize their avatars, pick the best load-outs and enter into the fight. There is a small glimpse of base creation that will allow the players to have proper supplies and safety. They will also have to protect the base from constant attacks of enemies.

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Co-op features looks impressive, you can see a lot of fighting gears in the video with the creative use of traps and different weapons. In this open world game, a team of 4 players can play together. If you pick to go solo then you will be joined by three AI players whom you can command. There will be various mission scattered around the world, you have to explore the region to complete them.

Konami has also released a single player video that offers you a 5-minute gameplay video in solo mode. Metal Gear Survive Open Beta is also live, it will end on January 21. Players who are able to access can play 3 Co-op missions in the game. Metal Gear Survive is releasing on February 22 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.