Metal Gear Survive’s latest trailer shows off an intriguing new world for the franchise


Metal Gear Survive may be the first technical Metal Gear without Kojima, but that hasn’t kept it from looking like an interesting spinoff. A new trailer via IGN demonstrates that single-player gameplay is about to be a pretty explosive and interesting endeavor, combining elements of resource-gathering, survival gameplay, and more. 

The slick production values you’ve come to expect from anything with the Metal Gear name attached to it seem to have remained as well, especially in this newest trailer. You see a character spawned, presumably yours, as you explore “the world beyond the wormholes”. The zombie-like enemies get Fultoned away as you sneak through mines, across rooftops, and other areas as well, down to a prison-like location. 

Aside from learning all the basics of CQC and going on this new sneaking mission, you’ll see how you can gather resources, work with weapon and item crafting, and put together defenses to keep the zombies out. It’s got a DIY vibe to it that wouldn’t have felt out of place in games like Dead Space or Dead Rising, coincidentally. If you’re interested in seeing how the game plays, you don’t even have to wait until its Feb. 20 launch to try it out. 

There’s a beta for Metal Gear Survive coming Jan 18, and it will end on Jan. 21. That should give you a decent amount of time to try it out for yourself before the value-priced release comes out at $40 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Obviously you shouldn’t expect another Metal Gear or anything like it, but it looks just fun and tongue-in-cheek enough to be fun.