New Metal Gear Survive details shed a bit more light on the narrative


Thanks to a new fact sheet Konami put out about the upcoming Metal Gear Survive, we know a bit more about what’s actually going on in the world as it relates to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes as well as the Metal Gear series in full. Given its status as a spinoff from Metal Gear Solid V in the first place, it’s good to know how the two games are connected.

Metal Gear Survive is the latest game to carry the Metal Gear moniker, as well as the first to have zero involvement from creator Hideo Kojima after his break from the studio to form his own company, Kojima Productions. It’s a stealth survival game based in the Metal Gear universe, but it has few ties to the gameplay or story that unfolded across the various mainline Metal Gear titles. That’s why it’s good to know now that there are some relevant pieces of the narrative as callbacks to the regular games, even if they are tenuous.

The main character avoided being dragged into a massive wormhole that suddenly opened up near Mother Base near the end of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Six months after his narrow escape, the soldier wakes up in a facility owned by a U.S. government research organization called Wardenclyffe Section. You’ll take on the role of this survivor, who begins looking for a cure for some sort of bizarre infection that’s sweeping the area. 

The infection is what spurs the strange creatures to start scurrying about in Metal Gear Survive, the zombie-like enemies you have to fight. From there, you jump right into Metal Gear Survive proper, in a bid to rescue the unfortunates who didn’t escape the wormhole..

While it’s not the Metal Gear game fans were clamoring for (of course it can’t be without Kojima’s direct involvement) it still sounds like a pretty exciting time even with all the new mechanics and departures from the games you may be used to playing.

We’ll see when it releases Feb. 20 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.