Metal Gear Survive’s singleplayer trailer shows off new cutscenes and gameplay


Metal Gear Survive has a brand new singleplayer trailer, and it offers our best look yet at some of the gameplay that the spinoff title has to offer.

Survive is Konami’s first entry into the Metal Gear series after series creator Hideo Kojima’s exit from the company, so many players will be interested to see how this new off-color title pans out.

The game has very little to do with Metal Gear itself, instead focusing on a sort of “what if” scenario where stranded Mother Base soldiers end up traveling through a wormhole and fighting and defending zombie-like creatures.

The trailer shows off a bunch of new cutscenes with some not-so-accurate facial mo-cap of what looks like the game’s random Mother Base soldier player character. After that comes some new gameplay techniques, like crafting weapons, building and customizing your home base, and some new traps to defend yourself from the monsters.

Metal Gear Survive will feature a beta on PS4 and Xbox One starting on Jan. 18 before launching on the two consoles and Steam on Feb. 20.