Metal Gear Survive Sold Less Than 5% The Phantom Pain Copies In Launch Week


Yesterday we reported about the UK debut of Metal Gear Survive. The latest entry in the series from Konami, the first ever without Hideo Kojima at the helm of the franchise, was out of the top five last week, reaching the sixth spot on the chart.

However, new reports clearly show how things have been bad for Metal Gear Survive upon its debut week. More bad than it looks, apparently. Based on data gathered by English publication MCV, indeed, the survival spin-off only sold 5% the copies of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in the launch week.

Metal Gear Survive vs The Phantom Pain Sales Comparison

Insider and analyst ZhugeEX said on ResetEra that “Survive had a terrible opening as expected. Not even 5% of what MGS V: The Phantom Pain opened at.” As he states, this doesn’t come out of nowhere but we can’t say it’s something the game actually deserves.

Analyst ZhugeEx - Metal Gear Survive vs The Phantom Pain Sales

As we’ll tell you in our upcoming review, Metal Gear Survive is not a bad game at all. It reuses lots of The Phantom Pain assets and that’s for sure, but the survival mechanics at its core are neat and smart, and in some cases, they reminded us of Snake Eater.

So, it’s not like it’s disappointing at this stage of its lifecycle, it’s just like Konami didn’t sell it too well, both for the Kojima affair and the focus on multiplayer which really isn’t what the game is about now (maybe it’ll be in a couple months).

Did you have the opportunity to give the game a try? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.