Metro Developer 4A Games Working On New AAA Project

4A Games is best known for the Metro franchise, which has grown acclaimed over the last few years and successful in terms of sales.

Anyway, it looks like there could be more on the way as the latest chapter, Metro Exodus, has just released as the third game of a trilogy.

Indeed, the studio has been revealed to be already working on a new triple-A game, which could not be related to the franchise at all.

The news comes from publisher THQ Nordic, which has confirmed that the Ukranian developer, now based in Malta, is building an “upcoming, still undisclosed, AAA project.”

We don’t know what this could be about, whether it’s one more title in the Metro franchise or something completely new.

By the way, we’d like to see 4A Games start focusing on something different since it’s such a talented developer, with the ability to tell stories while retaining interesting gameplay.

We’re quite sure that the game would be offered in first person view since they’ve only done stuff like that thus far.

On top of that, Exodus was its first effort in the open world segment, so this means that it could be able to do more in it.

What would you like to see coming from the creators of Metro? Let us know in the comments below which is your idea!