Metro Redux Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch


One of the biggest surprises of the last generation is reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch.

A Portuguese retailer has indeed listed a Nintendo Switch version of Metro Redux, a compilation that would include Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

According to GamingReplay, the pack would be releasing on the hybrid console for €44,99 (around $50) in December. The website even has a Nintendo Switch boxart, so it looks like the information here is pretty reliable.

We don’t have many clues about this edition of the games to be in the making, even though at this time, we do know that 4A Games is working on another iteration in the franchise.

It could be that it is doing it with its own hands with a parallel team or, which is more likely, is doing the job working with another developer in the vein of Iron Galaxy or Saber Interactive, that have made a name for perfect Switch ports.

It’s worth noting that both 2033 and Last Light have released initially on Xbox 360, so in terms of power, Nintendo Switch would be up for the task. Anyway, there’s a chance that the ports would be made from the original and not from the remasters for PS4 and Xbox One.