Bandai Namco could be handling Metroid Prime 4’s development


There’s been a fair amount of hearsay online lately about which studio would end up handling the upcoming Metroid Prime 4, which we haven’t learned much about just yet.

Rumors have been flying around naming Bandai Namco as the developer behind the newest Metroid adventure, and now Eurogamer is reporting that “multiple sources” have confirmed this information as accurate. 

If these sources are correct, it seems Bandai Namco Studios Singapore is on the case in a collaboration with Nintendo. Previously, around the time Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4’s debut, journalists inquired as to which studio was behind the project. Nintendo didn’t offer a response beyond the fact that Retro Studios would not be working on the game. 

Eurogamer’s report follows a swath of rumors swirling around online, including designers and other staff members touting the fact that they are working on Switch-exclusive projects and “unannounced IPs,” though Nintendo has declined to comment on the situation officially to Eurogamer.

These reports, as such, should be taken with a grain of salt, but it looks like the code may well have been cracked as far as who’s going to be responsible for bringing Metroid Prime back to the masses. 

If this does prove to be true, hopefully we’ll hear more about the game in general as the months wear on, because we’ve heard next to nothing more about the project since its initial announcement, and we’re about due for an update.