Metroid Prime 4 | Retro Studios Is Looking For An Art Director


Retro Studios is looking for a new Art Director to work with them on Metroid Prime 4.

Back in January, Nintendo released a very candid video detailing the current development with Metroid Prime 4. In the video, they detailed how they were restarting Metroid Prime 4’s development from scratch, and have hired Retro Studios to develop the game.

Retro Studios were the ones responsible for the original Metroid Prime trilogy, so it made sense for them to work on the new Prime game. With that said, it was never officially confirmed which studio was working on Prime 4 before Retro. It is also unknown why Retro wasn’t working on Metroid Prime 4 beforehand; the assumption was that they were working on a new game. However Retro has not released a new game since 2014.

While restarting Metroid Prime 4 from scratch is unfortunate, fans were pleased with Nintendo’s candidacy and openness.

We do not know how long Retro has started working on Prime 4. It’s possible that the gaming studio was working on it before the announcement, though a recent job posting may prove otherwise.

On Twitter, Retro Studios tweeted out a job opening in the company. It is to be the Art Director for Metroid Prime 4. The Art Director will set “the artistic vision” for the game.

The Art Director seems to have a significant role in Metroid Prime 4, as they appear to be working with the art team to determine the main aesthetics of the game. If Retro Studios is only now hiring an Art Director, then that may mean that Metroid Prime 4 is still in the infant stages of development