Microsoft Cloud To Acquire Playersunknown’s Battelground: Rumor


Playerunknown’s Battleground is going really well on PC and now hitting to the console like Xbox the game has gathered a good traffic console gamers. Still having problems after porting the game to Xbox, the game is yet not failing in enticing gamers. Recently Microsoft has announced a fix for one of the biggest issue, the poor optimization of the control scheme, followed by inventory management. Through gamepad, players are finding difficult in playing and handling items.

Playersunknown's Battelground

A lot of players are also asking cross-play support where console and pc users can compete into the single universe. Yet Microsoft has not released any positive statement on the same. A rumor that was published by, is a possibility that Microsoft Cloud could acquire Playersunknown’s Battleground due its success. It is more like a speculation where there are possible chances that Microsoft Cloud could plan to acquire the game, according to recent forum discussions Microsoft has tried this before, but Bluehole studio intended to follow their own approach.

According to the published news even after several bugs, the game is doing really well on Xbox and Xbox One. There are more than 3 Million players on the console and this is a big figure. The game is rising well on Microsoft system and the year is just stated. So there the game can gradually make progress and it can acquire a good place on Microsoft system.

So considering the story there are chances Microsoft might re-think on the acquiring the game. Sony on the other side has not given any signal about brining PUBG on PS4. Previous statements by Sony executives had lead controversy one among which was blocking PUBG on PlayStation due to security reasons.