Microsoft announces price increases to Xbox Live subscriptions

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has become much more attractive.

Despite heavy speculation that it would be entirely removed, Xbox’s online service, Xbox Live Gold, will now see all of its subscription prices go up. For those new to the service, one-month of Live Gold will cost $10.99, three months will increase to $29.99, and a six-month subscription will now be $59.99.

But don’t fret, existing subscribers. Microsoft has clarified that anyone currently with a six or 12-month supply of Live Gold will not see a jump in their current rate, and can still renew the service at the same cost. In addition, it is offering all Gold users the opportunity to upgrade the rest of their subscription time to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, free of charge.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft says the price hike is simply to “access the value and pricing of our services.” In result, though, the price of a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold now matches that of Xbox Game Pass and is only $60 less than a yearly pass for the Ultimate service.

So, by all indications, Microsoft appears to be seeing Xbox Live Gold as more of an introductory service for new users, as its push for existing users to switch to Ultimate now becomes stronger than ever.