Microsoft could be introducing a new ‘Career’ system soon


If you’re a hardcore achievement hunter, you’re probably pretty engaged with your Xbox One profile and all of your accomplishments. You might be excited about Microsoft’s coming plans via Windows Central for a new “Career” system, which could be taking over Achievements and implementing additional milestones, quests, and even leveling up to your regular Xbox Live profile. 

According to the report, the new system would be a more expansive and rewarding set of mechanics that could even culminate in loot boxes that offer cosmetic items for the new Xbox Avatars. You’d even be able to prestige after reaching certain levels, much like in Call of Duty’s multiplayer system. 

Quests would be available to complete, which would in turn reward players with XP to level with and the aforementioned loot boxes. You apparently wouldn’t be able to buy these loot boxes with real-world cash, which would erase much of the controversy surrounding them as they’re used in other games. You’d also get plenty of goodies in turn for just playing and enjoying the games you already own. 

As Windows Central reports, all the work on this new Career system is in its early stages, and it may not be a top priority at the moment, but it still is interesting to see what could be in the works with this new set of mechanics. Of course, Xbox Avatars haven’t seen their new cosmetic upgrade just yet, so rolling out a set of changes like these will likely take some time to both officially see an announcement and implementation.