Microsoft Wants Cross Progression On Third Party Games

Cross-play is the talk of the town but there are a lot of other things that could be done when it comes to gaming being more inclusive and bringing down all the walls that are currently in place between the different platforms.

One of these walls is progression, which at this stage is locked to the single platform where you play a game first or at times it’s even locked depending on the client where you purchased it.


In a tweet issued from his Twitter account, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has stated that he’d like to see cross progression on all the titles he plays, not only Xbox One and Windows 10 games (which achieve this thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere program).

“I really want cross progression on all games. I play on PC and Xbox so much, wish all games supported this,” he said, hinting that all the developers should take care of this process now that cross-play is slowing becoming a standard.

“The people I play with do the same so we constantly debate to play new games together on PC or Xbox – just shouldn’t need to be a discussion. Let’s make it happen!”.

I often see people struggling because they started Overwatch or Rocket League on a platform and then for some reasons they had to shift from PC to console, for example, and start all over again when it comes to their progression.

That’s frustrating especially considering all the skills you have acquired in the process, so why is this still happening? Hopefully, Ybarra’s statements will start the process of having all the developers working on this sooner rather than later.